US at Night

Isn’t she beautiful? The cusp of a productive day. Sunrise.

Did you know? Out of the 11 million service workers in the #United States, over 10% work evenings or the overnight shift.

Those lights look amazing from above. America continues to improve morning, day and night. And we know the best things can’t happen over night. But we can definitely work for it overnight.

Take a look at our website tonight. Takes a moment to submit a tax deductible donation. Help the filmmakers behind Sky So Blue to continue this powerful movement.


Saving Time

We sprung forward and Spring is closely near! Longer days with more sun brings us longer production days. But we can’t keep going if we don’t have the funds. We need you to make a tax deductible donation. Every penny is credited and appreciated! Visit our website at

A Night for the Movies

The generations before us would spend hours at the movies. Watching “penny films” – Families and couples would make a whole night out of it. It kept people together.

Local filmmakers were able to premiere their independents. What happened to that support? You only see the big movies. But what do they do for us? What messages are they sending us?

Sky So Blue Documentary is worth seeing on the big screens. We have a powerful message with heart touching stories. But we need your support. Visit and donate. Every penny counts.

Olympic Unification

The Olympics is when the whole world comes together to compete and celebrate our athletic skills.

USA! Let set our energy on supporting our Americans. Not just our athletes but all Americans.

We are in a rough spot these days. We can use a little motivation. For every American win, we should pass that energy to someone we don’t know. Motivate a stranger, start a conversation or just a genuine compliment.

God bless America! #ChangeRightNow #UnitedWeStand