Our Leaders

Tomorrow is Presidents’ Day. For most of us it’s just a day off. And some might care less about big Washington’s Birthday.

Remember the leaders who had our backs in the rough times. Battled wars, depressions and tragedies. Passed laws that protected us. And enabled us. #United us.

But what divided us?

We need to #ChangeRightNow



Interview clip with Bobby from the Port Authority.

Check out a short clip from Bobby, one of the interviews of a victims friend and co-worker, Bobby was with John Skala at the towers on September 11th 2001.


Please check out the films website skysobluedocumnetary.com and please make a small tax deductible donation.


Olympic Unification

The Olympics is when the whole world comes together to compete and celebrate our athletic skills.

USA! Let set our energy on supporting our Americans. Not just our athletes but all Americans.

We are in a rough spot these days. We can use a little motivation. For every American win, we should pass that energy to someone we don’t know. Motivate a stranger, start a conversation or just a genuine compliment.

God bless America! #ChangeRightNow #UnitedWeStand

Super Bowl

While everyone worries about which team will win tonight. We are Worrying about scoring our goals. To unify this beautiful country. A country that allows these football players to protest against the flag. Whether we agree or not, they still have the right.

What would be great is to see everyone standing for the anthem to support the greatest nation in existence. To show the viewers that they do care about unifying the country like we do.

Kneeling may raise awareness for police brutality. But does it actually cause change? Or does it divide us even more?

My day at Ground Zero

One of my most recent memories going to Ground Zero was seeing all the names behind me. Every name was someone who died that day. Some of these people were just going to work, while others on this wall were first respondents who died trying to save people.  Each person on that wall had families, friends. Help us tell their story. Support our project

-Sky So Blue

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My time at Ground Zero


The Guardians of Unity

Make America Groot Again!

“I have lived most my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die among my friends. ”  Gamora- Guardians of the Galaxy.

As a millennial, we are constantly looking over our shoulders for the dangers of the world. We are the generation who will not take NO for an answer. We work 50+ hours a week and still maintain educational and social lives.

With all eyes and ears on us. It is up to us young people to be the guardians. We can change the world. The world they created. The life they promised.


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